The Dodge Durango Offers Performance and Long Drives

Modern SUVs stretch fuel better than models from previous eras. We offer one, the popular Dodge Durango, at Baumann Auto Center Port Clinton that delivers performance and an extended range. If you left our well-known lot in Port Clinton, OH driving a Durango with a full tank, you could span more than 600 highway miles before stopping to refill that tank.

To create this scenario, Dodge uses multiple tactics. First, it programs Durango's onboard tech to recycle heat through its engine. Whether you choose the model's standard Pentastar engine or the heftier HEMI, your Durango will have this heat-reusing capacity. Both available engines also stretch fuel mileage by deploying variable valve timing. As a result, even the HEMI version crosses 500 highway miles between gas pumps.

To control these engines and achieve optimal fuel efficiency, every Dodge Durango features an eight-speed transmission. This automatic setup's gear range enables the SUV to constantly find the best setting to stretch its mileage. Meanwhile, the transmission's shift paddles and trademarked Sinister Shifter let you maximize your on-road fun.

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