The Ram 1500 Is Built To Be Rugged

If you like to go camping and pull a trailer with you, the Ram 1500 is a vehicle that you should learn more about. This vehicle was voted the Pickup Truck of the Year by Truck Trend. Over the course of the years, the Ram 1500 has won numerous awards due to its reliability, ruggedness, and capability.

When you decide that you want to pull a trailer with a vehicle, you need one with a large towing capacity. The Ram 1500 has a towing capacity of up to 12,750 pounds. That is enough to pull quite a large trailer. You also get a payload capacity of up to 2,300 pounds with the Ram 1500.

When towing a trailer, you have to be careful about rollover. The Ram 1500 offers the electronic roll mitigation feature. If the system detects any wheel lifting, the brakes are applied, and the engine power is reduced for safety.

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