Keep Repairs at Bay with Winter Maintenance

It doesn't take much to keep repairs at bay. If you just keep your gas tank topped up with gas, you can avoid issues with your fuel pump, gas lines, and fuel filter. The more gas that you have in the tank, the less room there will be for air. You don't want air in your tank because air has a certain amount of condensation in it.

Once that condensation makes its way into your fuel lines, it has the potential to freeze in the colder winter months. If that happens then, your car will not start, and you could be looking at some costly repairs. Be sure to also take the time to get your vehicle serviced by us here at Baumann Auto Center Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM and ready for the winter season. We will make sure that all of your fluids are winterized and that your tires and battery are in good condition.

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