Did You Know that Ohio Has Slow Down & Move Over Laws?

Many of us drivers are completely unaware of a law we may be frequently breaking, the Slow Down & Move Over law. Every state in America has one version of this law yet a poll done by Mason Dixon Polling & Research shows that 71% of Americans do not know of any Slow Down & Move Over laws in effect in their state.

Just as the name suggests, the Slow Down & Move Over laws indicate that drivers need to reduce their speed and, if possible, move over into another lane whenever emergency services, law enforcement or roadside workers are in the process of doing their jobs. Each year more than 200 roadside workers lose their lives by being struck by vehicles, according to the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition. Likewise, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund states that since 1997 more than 150 officers have been struck and killed by vehicles.

All of us here at Baumann Auto Center Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM want to help make drivers aware of these laws, so always drive safely.

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