When should I have my brakes inspected & repaired?

Not having brakes that work is not a good thing. You need to repair brakes when the brake dashboard light is amber colored. This indicates problems with the anti-lock brake system (ABS).

The brake dashboard light could also be red, indicating a system imbalance.

Brake pads sometimes need to be replaced. Brake hardware needs to be repaired for your car to be able to brake at all.

If the brake pedal is spongy, or presses further to the floor than usual, this is a sign the brakes need repair.

If your vehicle pulls to the right or left when you brake, this is more proof you need to repair your brakes.

Brakes use friction to stop the car with a lever that pushes a piston into a master cylinder, which is filled with hydraulic fluid. It is necessary to fix brakes if you hear noises while braking so that your brakes don't collapse.

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